How 'real' is the process?

How 'real' is the process?
CJI strives to ensure the inspection process is relevant and meaningful both for the agencies involved and in terms of the findings it provides. CJI adopts a robust, evidence-based approach to inspection. The Inspectorate’s recommendations are designed to challenge both individually and collectively, agencies involved in an inspection with a view to securing improvement within the criminal justice system and on-going development in terms of both organisational processes and practice.
During an inspection a range of skills and techniques are used to ensure the integrity of the Inspectorate’s findings. CJI regularly ask an inspected agency to carry out a self assessment, reviews files and documentation and carries out interviews with senior management and operational members of staff. 
Inspectors will during the course of an inspection also look outside Northern Ireland to other jurisdictions within the United Kingdom, Europe and in other parts of the world to find examples of good practice from which comparisons can be drawn.
The wide range of skills, experience and knowledge of CJI’s core Inspection Team are further enhanced by working in partnership with other partner inspectorates/agencies as well as with independent experts/specialists. 
This thorough, comprehensive inspection process ensures that CJI’s reports are authorative and of high quality.